{Punjab} Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme – Process to Start in December

Government Of Punjab is going to start Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme in the month of December 2019. All the Students who are studying in class 11 and 12 will get Android Smart Phone Soon. Any Student who want to get Free Smartphone read the complete article carefully.

Punjab Free Smartphone Scheme 2019 – 20

We all are well aware of the promises different parties make to the public when the elections are about to appear. One such promise is the Punjab Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme which was announced by the Congress officials in their election manifesto. Although this scheme has not been implemented yet which cost a great trouble for the Congress officials because they attracted a lot of criticism due to the late implementation of the scheme? But now finally the scheme is said to be launched in December.

Punjab Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme All Details

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About Punjab Free Android Phone Scheme

Scheme Name Punjab Free Smartphone Scheme
Launched by CM Amarinder Singh
Launched date 2nd January 2019
Start of  scheme December 2019
Beneficiary Class 11 And 12 Students
Objective To connect youth with technology
Cost of the scheme Rs. 72.19 lakh approx
Category Govt. Scheme

Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme

Under the free Smartphone distribution scheme announced by the ruling chief minister of Punjab state that is Mr Amrendra Singh, free mobile phones will be distributed to the students starting from class 11th. It is said that mobile phones or smartphones will only be given to the students who are unable to buy their own smartphones or those who own a phone but the phone is not a reliable Smartphone.

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Aim Of Punjab Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme

There are many aims which will be implemented through the Punjab Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme announced by the Punjab government:-

  • The first and foremost aim is to provide smartphone facilities to the youth.
  • This Smartphone facility to the youth will connect them to the technology which is now available in the country.
  • Overall, the scheme can prove to be the biggest asset in favour of the Punjab ruling party that is Congress Party.

Benefits Of Punjab Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme

There are many benefits under the Punjab Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme:-

  • The government in power will be able to gain their trust from the employees.
  • Smartphones will be able to connect the youth to the technology prevailing in our country.
  • The youth will get an opportunity to look through the current and world affairs of the country through their smartphones.
  • The youth can be connected to the internet and find out about the latest news.
  • It will thus give a technology boost for the people prevailing in villages.

How To Apply For Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme

There will be a fast and reliable implementation of the free smartphone distribution scheme under the Punjab Government because the Punjab Government has already collected much criticism about the late implementation of this scheme. It is said that the first batch of smartphones will be distributed in the upcoming month of December. In the first batch the smart phones will be distributed to the girls studying in class 11th and 12th of Government schools and colleges.

Distribution Structure Of The Scheme

To distribute the free Smartphone to the beneficiaries a vendor will be signed by the concerned authority through bidding. The allocation of funds for the free smartphone distribution scheme has already been made in the Punjab government budget for 2018-19. The vendor will be made to be on board for at least two months thus, in December after two months the scheme will be implemented by giving out its first batch of smartphones to the beneficiaries.

Features Of Smartphones

The free Smartphone which will be distributed under the schemes will have certain features that will help the youth to connect to the smart world. The phones are said to have features a Smartphone possess of like touch screen, access to social media, internet connection, camera and all the other things.

Registration Punjab Free Smartphone Scheme

Many details for the Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme  are yet to be disclosed by the Punjab Government. The announcement for the implementation of the scheme was made by the Honorable Chief Minister Amrendra Singh only two days back thus, all the details are yet to be announced by the concerned authorities. All the details regarding the application process, registration, selection, etc will be provided to you through our portal as soon as the updates are announced by the concerned authorities.

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