{Pension} Get ₹3,000 Per Month Under PM Modi New Pension Scheme

PM Modi New Pension Scheme is providing Rs 3000 Per Month to the Beneficiary. To Get 3,000 on a monthly basis you have enrolled yourself under the One of the Pension Scheme. Under the PM Modi New Pension Scheme, you will get 4 types of Pension Scheme i.e PM Kisan Pension, PM Laghu Vyapari Pension, PM Shram Pension and Atal Pension Yojana. Check Pension Scheme Eligibility, Features, and Application Process here.

Modi Pension Scheme 2019 – 20

To cater to the social security needs of old age, the Government of India has come up with many pension schemes to provide pensions for the people who retire at the age of 60. The pension will be provided of Rupees 3000 in total after, the citizens have attained and age of 60. For this purpose of giving out pension the government has come out with 3 different pension schemes. The Pradhan Mantri Mandhan Yojana can prove to be the biggest asset in terms of the development of senior citizens in society. Due to the Pradhan Mantri Mandhan Yojana, even the normal citizens who don’t have any government jobs can gain the benefit of pension and thus make their life worth it.

PM – Kisan Pension Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan mandhan Yojana is a government scheme meant for old age protection and social security of Small and Marginal Farmers (SMF). This scheme will help to increase and develop the position of small and marginal farmers in society and help them to give social security through pension. The scheme has taken into consideration to relax the burden which has been imposed on the farmers by the citizens of the country. The small and marginal farmers have always been in the burden of providing food to all the people of the country thus, this scheme can also be seen as a sign of gratitude to the farmers.

PM Modi New Pension Scheme

PM Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Laghu vyapari mandhan Yojana is a government scheme meant for old age protection and social security of Shopkeeper’s, Retail traders and Self Employed persons. Mostly, the people who do not indulge in any type of job and are doing their own business fail to secure their old age due to not having enough savings. This scheme will thus help to attain social security to the retailers and self-employed persons by providing them pensions.

PM Modi New Pension Scheme

PM – SYM Pension Scheme

The pension will be provided under Pradhan Mantri shram yogi mandhan yojana. The PM SYM is a government scheme meant for old age protection and social security of unorganized workers. This scheme will help and prepare a sense of security among the group of unorganized workers those who find it very hard to carry on the day-to-day business as because their income is very less. The scheme will aim to deliver social security after retirement to the workers.

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana

Document Required For PM Modi New Pension Scheme

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Ration Card
  • Address Proof
  • Mobile Number

Benefits Of PM Modi New Pension Scheme

The main aim and motive behind PM Modi New Pension Scheme is to provide safe and secure old age to the people of the country because many of the citizens have no or a little income when they reach their old age. Thus, to safeguard the older generation government has come up with this scheme. These pension scheme can also provide social security to the families of a deceased citizen who have previously enrolled themselves into this schemes.

PM Pension Scheme 2019 – 20

Under all the three above mentioned scheme, the beneficiaries will get the pension amount at regular intervals which will help them to develop their personal and social needs. It will also help in providing their children with good education opportunities. Also, the pension will provide them the ability to carry on their day to day necessities without any worry.

Feature Of PM Modi New Pension Scheme

There are certain features provided through the pension schemes of the government :-

  • On the maturity of the scheme, the beneficiaries will be entitled to obtain a monthly pension of Rs. 3000/-
  • The pension amount helps pension holders to aid their financial requirements.
  • The applicants between the age group of 18 to 40 years will have to make monthly contributions ranging between Rs 55 to Rs 200 per month till they attain the age of 60.
  • Once the applicant attains the age of 60, he/ she can claim the pension amount.
  • Every month a fixed pension amount gets deposited in the pension account of the respective individual.
  • Different schemes are undertaken to develop the needs of the people residing under different sectors of the country.
  • Through the pension schemes normal citizens will also be able to gain pensions like the government employees.

Monthly Deposit In PM Modi New Pension Scheme

To avail the benefits of the scheme and to secure their old age, the citizens of the country who are registering themselves under any of the pension schemes have to submit a fee of Rupees 55 every month as a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription has to be submitted by the beneficiaries at the concerned Common Services Centre through any of the VLE assigned for them. And after the beneficiaries will attain the age of 60 years they will get the benefits of the pensions regularly through their bank account which they had registered earlier in the application form in associated with the scheme.

Application Procedure In PM Modi New Pension Scheme

To apply for the pension schemes under the Government of India you need to follow these simple steps:-

  • First, visit the nearest Common Service Centre (CSC) or Official Website.
  • You must have these following documents kept ready to apply for the scheme –
    • Aadhaar Card is used as an identification mark for the citizens of the country, as the Aadhar Card carries a unique identification number for all the citizens.
    • Savings Bank Account Number along with IFSC Code ( Bank Passbook or Cheque Leave/book or copy of bank statement as evidence of bank account ).
    • Bank account is necessary
  • Provide adequate fee to the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE)
  • The VLE will link the Aadhar Card details to the application form.
  • Fill the personal and bank details.
  • Auto calculation of monthly contribution payable according to age of the Subscriber will be done by VLE.
  • Subscriber will have to pay the 1st subscription amount in cash to the VLE.
  • VLE will scan the same and upload it into the system.
  • Aftet the Successful Registration you will get Registration Card

Self Enrollment In PM Modi New Pension Scheme

The Citizen who wishes to self enroll under the Scheme they have to visit at the direct Links. Under this Article, you will get complete Apply Online Procedure for PM Kisan Pension, PM Laghu Vyapari Pension, PM Shram Pension

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