7th Pay Commission Latest News 2019 – 20 | 10% Hike, Salary Details

The Central Government of India before Coming the Festival has announced good news for the Government Employee in 7th Pay Commission. As time goes by and the festival of lights that is Diwali comes the main concern of all the employees in the country is the concern of bonus or hikes in their salaries. Although, this concern of Government employees have been solved by the Government of India as they have announced certain hikes in the salaries of their health care employees.

7th Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission Update

The Government employees have been waiting for the implementation of 7th pay commission. The 7th pay commission will help ensure the increase in the Government employee’s salaries thus, giving them hikes and also social security to their jobs. Almost seven pay commissions have been set up since India received its independence. But, due to some obstacles, the 7th Pay Commission was not implemented by the recommended date of implementation.

Hikes Under 7th Pay Commission

Certain salary hike is given under the pay commission which was set up by the Indian government since its independence. The Seventh Pay Commission report was submitted in the year 2016 by AK Mathur to the Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley. The report stated 23.55% hike in pay and allowances of government employees. The Central Government employees are waiting for the updation in the 7th pay commission which will allow them hikes in their DA. Although in January 2019, the government had raised the DA for government employees by 3%. Financial experts are now expecting an increase of 5% in the DA.

Benefits Under The 7th Pay Commission

There are many benefits which will be provided to the Central Government employees under the seventh pay commission:-

  • The minimum pay of a newly recruited government employee at entry-level is increased from Rs.7,000 to Rs. 18,000 per month.
  • The minimum pay for a newly recruited Class I Officer is increased to Rs.56,100 per month.
  • It also recommends increasing the maximum pay for government employees to Rs.2.25 lakhs per month for Apex Scale
  • Increase in maximum pay to Rs.2.5 lakhs per month for Cabinet Secretary and others working at the same level.
  • On implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, the status of a government employee will not be decided by Grade Pay but by the level in the new Pay Matrix.
  • It recommends full pay and allowances to be granted to all employees who are hospitalized due to WRIIL.
  • It helps in eliminating partiality and discrimination in the system.
  • Retaining the annual increment of 3% p.a.
  • Increase in housing rent allowance up to 24%
  • House Building Advance has been increased from Rs.7.5 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs.
  • Recommendation of a Health Insurance Scheme for all the Central Government employees.
  • The pensioner will get a multiple of 2.57 times the current basic pension.
  • The ceiling of gratuity to be increased from the current Rs.10 lakh to Rs.20 lakh.

Pay Scales Under 7th Pay Commission

The certain pay scale has been made mandatory under the 7th pay commission for different Central Government jobs. Pay scales for some of the central government jobs are given below:-

For Indian Air Force

  • Minimum grade pay for Indian Air Force employees – Rs.5,400
  • Pay band – Rs.15,600
  • Military service pay – Rs.6,000
  • Kit maintenance – Rs.500

For Anganwadi Workers

State                Salary for helpers Salary for teachers
Kerala Rs.7,000 Rs.10,000
Telangana Rs. 4500 Rs. 7000
Andhra Pradesh Rs. 4500 Rs. 7000

NIRVIK Scheme 2019 

For Army and Defence Personnel

  • Lieutenant – Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100
  • Major – Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100
  • Captain – Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100         
  • LT Colonel – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000    
  • Colonel – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000         
  • Brigadier – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000       
  • Major General – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000

For Assistant Professor

The pay scale for Assistant Professors according to the upcoming 7th Pay Commission are expected to range anywhere between Rs.46,800 to Rs.1,17,300.

For Assistant Station Master

7th Pay Commission has recommended the grade pay of Assistant Station Masters to Rs.4,200 per month.

For Associate Professor

The salary of Assistant Professors will be between Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakh and their grade pay will be Rs.27,000 per month.

For Ticket Collectors

The basic salary of Ticket Collectors will be between Rs.15,600 to Rs.60,600 per month.

For Central Government Teachers

  • Trained Graduate Teachers – Rs.29,900 to Rs.1,04,400 with grade pay of Rs.13,800 per month.
  • Post Graduate Teachers – Rs.29,900 to Rs.1,04,400 with grade pay of Rs.14,400 per month.
  • JBT Teachers – Rs.29,900 to Rs.1,04,400 with grade pay of Rs.12,600 per month.

Security Guard And Watchman

Between Rs.15,600 to Rs.60,600 per month.

For Indian Navy

  • Sub Lieutenant – Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100 per month
  • Lieutenant – Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100 per month
  • Lieutenant Commander – Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100 per month
  • Commander – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000 per month
  • Captain – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000 per month
  • Commodore – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000 per month
  • Rear Admiral – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000 per month
  • Vice Admiral – Rs.67,000 to Rs.80,000 per month
  • Admiral – Rs.90,000 per month.

For Indian Ordnance Factories Employees(IOFS)

  • Senior Administrative Grade – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000 per month       
  • Junior Administrative Grade – Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000 per month
  • Senior Time Scale Non Functional –    Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100 per month        
  • Senior Time Scale Functional – Rs.15,000 to Rs.39,100 per month      
  • Junior Time Scale – Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100 per month

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