Apply Tatkal Passport Online | Eligibility, Application Fee, Renewal Process

If you want to travel abroad, you also need a passport but certainly, if you want to travel abroad in a hurry or importantly and you don’t have a passport, then you can apply for a tatkal passport. And today in this article, we will discuss with you all the key details you have to be known about the tatkal passport. We will tell you the eligibility criteria required for the Tatkal passport. Now We will also provide you the documents required For Apply Tatkal Passport Online. We will also tell you the application procedure to undertake to apply for the Tatkal passport in the year 2019 and 2020.

Process to Apply Tatkal Passport Online

If you want to travel abroad, normally you need just a simple passport to carry on the travel hassle-free. But if there is something which is an emergency or you need to visit abroad very important because of any mishap then you can Apply Tatkal Passport Online. This passport is a passport which will be available to you in 2-3 days of the application. Tatkal passport is the passport that has came out for the citizens visiting abroad for mishaps in their family or any important incident.

Benefits Of Tatkal Passport

There are many benefits if we apply for a tatkal passport. The tatkal passport will help you to travel abroad within just a week of applying for a passport. The passport will be delivered to you after 2-3 days of your application. And you can visit your destination without any worry of the actual passport. The lifetime of tatkal passport is about ten years for the normal citizens and if you are under 18 then the tatkal passport will be available to you until you turn 18 years of age, so this is a very good method to visit abroad if any mishap happened and you don’t have your actual passport.

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Application Fees For Passport

The following table shows the application fees applicable for different age candidates:-

Age Number Of Pages Fee
Below 15 years 36 pages Rs.3,000
Between 15-18 years (validity till applicant reaches 18 years) 36 pages Rs.3,000
Between 15-18 years (10 year validity) 36 pages Rs.3,500
18 years and above 36 pages Rs.3,500
Between 15-18 years (10 year validity) / 18 years and above 60 pages Rs.4,000

Applicants Not Eligible For The Passport

The issuing of a tatkal passport is a job of the concerned authorities and they can accept or reject any application on the basis of the incident for that they have to be present abroad. Also, the following candidates are not eligible for the tatkal passport application:-

  • Citizens born to Indian parents outside India (Indian descent)
  • Indian citizens who’ve been granted citizenship status on the basis of naturalization/registration
  • Applicants who’ve been deported to India from other countries
  • Applicants who’ve been repatriated from a different country at government’s cost.
  • The candidates who have gone through a major name change.
  • The residents of Jammu & Kashmir and Nagaland
  • Naga origin citizens residing outside Nagaland
  • Children adopted by Indian and foreign parents
  • Minor children with single parent
  • Minors residing in Nagaland
  • Short passport validity renewal applicants
  • Reapplication due to lost or stolen passport
  • Application due to passport being damaged beyond recognition
  • Change in sex or appearance
  • Change in personal credentials such as signature
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Documents Required To Apply For Tatkal Passport Onliine

The following list shows the documents which are required with the application for a tatkal passport :-

  • Verification Certificate as per Annexure F
  • Among the document listed below any three of the documents are required for identification purposes –
    • Election card
    • Service Photo ID Card
    • Certificate of SC/ST/OBC
    • Identity cards of Freedom Fighters
    • Arms License
    • Ration card
    • Property documents
    • Pension documents
    • Railway Photo Identity card
    • PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department
    • Bank passbook
    • Student’s Id card from a recognized institution
    • Birth certificate
    • Gas connection bill

Application Procedure To Apply Tatkal Passport Online

To apply for a tatkal passport you need to follow these simple steps given below:-

  • First, visit the official website of passport services of India
  • When you visit the official website you will land on the homepage.
  • On the homepage, you need to click on the login
  • If you don’t have the User ID and Password already, click on new registration  tab just below the login tab
  • Submit all your information given on the registration page
  • After filling all the information we will get a User ID and Password
  • Login through the User ID and Password
  • Two options will be displayed on your screen such as –
    • Fresh
    • Reissue
  • Choose the desired option
  • Select the Tatkal option in the scheme type.
  • Download the application form and fill the form.
  • Submit the form after filling in the details.
  • Submit the application fees.
  • Take a printout of the acknowledgment slip.
  • Finally, book an appointment at the nearest Passport Service Kendra.

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