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If you have a Voter ID card and you want to Verify your all personal details and then check online Voter ID status at the official website @ Download the Voter ID status Details with Photo and all essential Details. When you go for checking for Electoral Roll details then you will find various methods to get Voter ID status. Today here we are going to discuss all the methods by which you may easily verify your all personal details.

Search Voter ID Status

We all are aware of the old and most common ritual of our country and that is Elections. And to be eligible for voting under any elections in the country the citizens need to have a Voter ID Card. The central election in our country happens every 5th year and to be eligible to vote on the election the citizens of the country need to have a Voter ID card.

Update In The Voters List

All the list of voters in India is updated every 5th year that is before the coming elections and now also the voter list have started been updating. If you are a new voter that is you have attained the age of 18 years in the past five years. Then, you must apply for the Voters ID card beforehand. India is a democratic country and the Prime Minister of the country is selected only on the basis of pure voting.

Print Election Voter List 2019 

Scheme Name   Lok Sabha Election Voter List 2019 
Launched By   Election commission of India  
Department   Election Commission  
Beneficiary   Citizen of India 
Objective   To Provide Election Voter List  
Category   Central Govt. Scheme
Official website 
Election Commission website 

Status Of Voter ID Application

If you have attained the age of 18 years chances are that you have already applied for the Voter ID card. Nowadays as the use of the internet touches extreme height it is very easy to check your status under the voter ID card application. Previously, in the ancient times, the applicant would have to visit the Election Commission of India to verify the status of the application but in the modern times, it is not so Further in this article we will read about the different ways of how we can check our voter ID card application status –

How To Check Voter ID Card Status

There are various ways through which you can check your voter ID card status. The three main ways of checking your application status are given below:-

By Using the official website of the ECI –

  • First, visit the official website of Election Commission of India.
  • Log through the website.
  • Select the tab called ‘Know the Status of Your Application for Enrolment’.
  • Enter the basic information asked on the next page.
  • You can even select the national voters service portal
  • Click on the Tab called ‘Search your Name in electoral roll
  • Once the link opens, two ways will be displayed ie –

Using Application Number or unique EPIC number

  • Under the Process, you may easily check your Voter ID Status by Simply Entering your Voter Id or EPIC Number and your State Name
  • Enter your Epic Number and Select your state.
  • After that click on the Submit button

Search Your Name in Voter List by Name

Visit at the Official Website then State or District Constituency wise search, Enter your name, the state you are in and the district constituency you belong to, along with other details. The search result will display your Voter ID card status.

  • Other details must be entered such as –
    • Name
    • Father’s or Husband’s name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • State Name
    • District Constituency
  • After entering the application status is displayed.

Various Websites Of Different States to Check Voter ID Status

State Website
Andhra Pradesh (AP)
Telangana (TG)
Assam (AS)
Arunachal Pradesh
Goa (GA)
Gujarat (GJ)
Bihar (BR)
Haryana (HR)
Himachal Pradesh (HP)
Jammu and Kashmir (JK)
Karnataka (KA)
Maharashtra (MH)
Manipur (MN)
Odisha (OR)
Sikkim (SK)
Tamil Nadu (TN) 
Uttar Pradesh (UP)
West Bengal (WB)
Delhi (DL)

By using your mobile via SMS –

  • SMS ‘EPIC’ followed by a space followed by your Voter ID application number.
  • Sent it to the Electoral Officer.
  • You will subsequently receive the status of the Voter ID.
Thus, a list of number of Electoral Officer for certain states with SMS format is given below:-
State Phone Number SMS Format
Andhra Pradesh 9246280027 VOTE< space >voter ID number
Bihar 56677 ELE< space >voter ID number
Chandigarh 9216164606 BTH< space >voter ID number
Karnataka 9243355223 KAEPIC< space >voter ID number
Kerala 54242/537252 ELE< space >voter ID number
Odisha 9238300131 CEOODI< space >voter ID number
Tamil Nadu 9211728082 EPIC< space >Voter ID number
Uttar Pradesh 9212357123 UPEPIC< space >voter ID number
West Bengal 51969 WBEC< space >voter ID number

By Calling On The Designated Numbers

  • The Election Commission of India has a toll-free helpline number through which individuals can make enquiries.
  • The all-India toll-free number is 1950.

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