National Logistics Policy 2023 PDF Download, Explained, Benefits & Features

National Logistics Policy: As India has become the 5th largest economy in the world, the authorities still continuously working for more development in the country. So recently the government has taken the initiative to launch National Logistics Policy. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launched National Logistics Policy on September 17 2022 with an aim to boost the trade sector in the Indian economy.

National Logistics Policy

The recently launched policy will help to transform the country into a global logistics hub. With the implementation of the plan, an improvement in the logistics sector will be seen. More than 22 million people work in the logistics sector. Logistics is the support and essential sector of the economy. Click to get information related to New Traffic Rules in India

National Logistics Policy 2023

The National Logistics Policy is one of India’s important initiatives in the transport infrastructure sector. The policy will also help to reduce the logistics cost of businesses. The Commerce and Industry Ministry has formulated the policy. The recently announced policy will help in the growth and development of infrastructure, and expansion of business. It will also aid in increasing employment opportunities, as it will create more jobs. The government has put efforts to save time and money for the manufacturers and prevent wastage of agro-products. If all in the country will work together to make the policy successful then there will be a boost in the trade sector. The policy will be beneficial in improving the performance of India in global rankings.

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New National Logistics Policy Highlights

Policy NameNational Logistics Policy
Launch Date21 September 2022
Launch ByPrime Minister Narender Modi
ObjectivesInfrastructures To Economic Zones
Official WebsiteComing Soon

Logistics Meaning

Logistics is the process that helps in handling how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their target destination. An individual who manages all the work as a manager is known as a logistician. The logistics process includes raw materials, stock, tools, and individuals. Logistics management helps in finding distributors and suppliers. Logistics plays important role in every business if logistics are poor then it will have a bad impact on business. It is very common these days that logistics is used in the business sector like companies in the manufacturing sectors. It helps to tell how resources are handled and moved along the supply chain.

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Need for National Logistics Policy

The National Logistics Policy was implemented after realizing that logistics cost in our country is more than in other developed economies. So, to reduce the logistics cost in our country the authorities decided to launch the policy. With the recently launched policy, maybe soon India will become a logistics hub. The decision of launching the Logistics Policy is not random, it is the hard work of 8 years.

Features of National Logistics Policy

The National Logistics Policy has four features: –

  1. Integration of Digital System (IDS)it includes data from the road transport, railways, customs, aviation, and commerce departments.
  2. Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP)will combine all the digital services related to the transportation sector into a single portal. Now exporters will be free from difficult procedures.
  3. Ease of Logistics (ELOG)with the help of this new digital platform now businesses can ask for direct help from government agencies. The industry can directly raise its operational issues with government agencies. It will help in providing quick resolution of problems.
  4. System Improvement Group (SIG)this will help in monitoring all projects related to logistics frequently.

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Benefits of National Logistics Policy

  • Small industries and their employees will be benefitted from the policy as the policy will help in increasing the country’s exports.
  • With the help of the policy, the life of the common man will become easier and it will also support increasing the respect of labor and workers. 
  • The Indian logistics industry is huge but it is not organized properly. So, this policy may support blockchain and artificial intelligence adoption in the nation and help in organizing the huge market. 
  • National Logistics Policy will also help in reducing logistics issues.
  • As it is known that it will help in reducing the logistics cost, this decreased logistics cost will improve the competitiveness of Indian goods both in the domestic and international markets.
  • With the help of this policy, a huge development will be seen in manufacturing, production, automobile, and other industries.
  • the Union Government, State Governments, and key regulators have been explained their roles in logistics sector development.


Logistics is considered the backbone of the economy so National Logistics Policy will help in addressing the challenges that the transport sector faces. Maybe Drone technology will work as an essential part of the transport and Logistics sector, particularly for remote areas where facilities are less. If the National Logistics Policy is implemented properly in the country, then maybe India can be among the top 25 countries in the Logistics Performance Index ranking by 2030. Presently, the thinking of the world toward India is changing. Also, everyone in the world has positive feelings and a lot of expectations from India. So, India is also working hard for growth and development in every sector.

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