{Current Affair} Legal App for NRC Help Launched by Government

The NRC app has been developed for the Assam state so that the people are less confused about the NRC related fuss. Under this article today we will provide you all the details about the Legal App for NRC that has been launched in Assam state. The app has been developed by a lawyer and a journalist who is freelancing his work. We are provided each and every detail about the NRC app. Also, how and when it will launch and on what date it is applicable for the Assam state.

Legal App for NRC Help Launched

After creating havoc in the Assam state related to the NRC document. It was a need of an hour to develop an app for the same common citizens. So the residents of the state can create momentum with the government. But as our government fails to do so, the common man has developed it. The app was created for the information of the common people. A journalist and a lawyer collectively had made this app called NRC ehandbook. The Legal App for NRC which is made available for the citizens of the Assam state contains each and every information related to NRC.

NRC In Assam

We all aware that the National Register of Citizenship in Assam has created a lot of problems for the resident of the state almost 19 lakh people are excluded from citizenship under the NRC. These 19 lakh people now have to present themselves in front of the foreign tribunals. The foreign tribunals have been implemented by the government to take care of the citizenship of the state. As reported by a very trustworthy newspaper a Foreigner Tribunal set in Assam has made 54 incorrect citizenships.

Documents Required for NRC in India

Development Of The NRC Mobile App

The NRC ehandbook app was developed by a lawyer and a journalist as mentioned above. Both people are common people and have no ties with the government. This act of the people mentioned above created a sense of belongingness among the resident of the Assam state. In a speech given by the advocate, it is clearly stated that they have had to develop the app to help the common people who are uneducated and who have no correct knowledge of the National Register of Citizenship. The development of app took place on October 1st and on October 3rd the app was launched on the Play Store. Till then many thousand downloads have been made by the common citizens of Assam state. Also the advocate Mr. Hussain mentioned that many calls are given to him from the citizens of the state regarding the app.

Updates In The App

As the NRC ehandbook app is a newly launched there are many features that are still excluded from that app. You cannot download or print any document now but as mentioned in the speech by the Advocate Mr. Hussain. He said that they will be updating the app very soon. Till now only 30% of the documents are uploaded in the app but they are looking forward to uploading a full hundred percent documents related to NRC in the app. Also, some documents will be secured will be the password that will be only given to the authorized citizens.

An App For All India

It is a great initiative by the common people to help the residents of the Assam state and develop a middle ground so that the people can gain information about the NRC. We will be glad if the same app would be launched for all India so that the people from all over the country can look forward to downloading the app and gain information freely and without any confusion.

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