{Uttar Pradesh} Link Properties with Aadhar in UP – Complete Details

Under this article today we will discuss about Link Properties with Aadhar in the Uttar Pradesh state for the year 2019-2020. We have provided all the details regarding the linking of your Aadhaar card with your property residing in the Uttar Pradesh state. We will also provide the registration dates plus the registration details of linking of Aadhaar card with your property in the Uttar Pradesh state 2019 and 2020. Here We have also provided the benefits of linking your Aadhaar card with Uttar Pradesh property.

Link Properties with Aadhar

The Aadhar Card has now and then prove to be the biggest vital document in the history of our country. Thus, Aadhar Card will now be vital in processing your properties lying under the Uttar Pradesh state. Uttar Pradesh government has decided that now the Aadhaar card of the residents will be linked to their property if any in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Now, if you have any property in the Uttar Pradesh state you will have to link that property to your Aadhar card number to provide it the validation.

Benefits Of Link Properties with Aadhar

If you link your Aadhaar card with your property lying in the Uttar Pradesh state, you will be eligible for many benefits but they are also many benefits which will be availed by the government such as :-

  • Tax Benefits – The linking of Aadhar Card by the government will provide tax benefits to them as they will be able to locate the properties owned by individuals thus, imposing taxes.
  • Allocation Of Properties – Linking of Aadhaar card will help the government to locate the properties which are owned by no-one.
  • Multiple properties will also be available for locating.
  • Linking of Aadhar card will provide easy access to the properties.
  • The owners can then take a real time look at the condition of their properties.

UP Bhulekh Map

Implementation Of The Scheme

First the Link Properties with Aadhar will be implemented only for the Uttar Pradesh state. According to Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath, this scheme was announced almost two three days back. He said that first the scheme will implement in the main cities such as Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Ghaziabad, Varanasi, Meerut and Prayagraj. Finally then the scheme will implement in the whole state gradually.

Committee Set Up For The Scheme

To implement this highly technical scheme a proper committee would be set up by the Chief Minister Mr Yogi Adityanath. As announced the state government will seek technical help from Survey of India and a high powered committee will be set up under the chairmanship of a retired IAS officer. The committee will include representatives from various departments such as :-

  • Planning
  • Urban and Rural Development Authorities
  • Municipal Bodies

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