Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana: Application Form, Benefits & Features

We all are aware of the health condition of Rajasthan state and particularly of India. In India, as many as 50 newborns daily are patients of malnutrition or other deadly and severe diseases this all happens because of the poor Health Care Management of India. Today under this article, we will share the important aspects of Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana which was implemented by the concerned authorities of Rajasthan state recently in their newly launched budget of 2020 and 2021. In this article today, we will share information about the application form, procedure and also benefits of the scheme.

Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana

As mentioned above, the Healthcare condition of Rajasthan state is not very up to date as per the new Healthcare concerns of the overall Health Organisation of the world. The statistics that were conducted recently revealed that the infant mortality rate in Rajasthan is 35 deaths per 1000 live births. Also, as per the National Family Health Survey 2015-16, IMR in Rajasthan was 41 deaths per 1,000 live births. So a new and improved scheme has been launched which is the Navjaat Suraksha Yojana which will improve this infant mortality rate and bring down the malnutrition which has been found in all of the newborns of Rajasthan state.

Kangaroo Mother Care

Also, a new initiative has been launched by the concerned authorities Rajasthan state. The initiative is known as the Kangaroo Mother Care. Through the implementation of this initiative, many incentives will be provided for the newborn in the Rajasthan state. To implement this Kangaroo Mother Care, training centers will be developed by the concerned authorities of Rajasthan Ministry of Health Care purposes. Training will be provided to the professional health care officers of Rajasthan state so that they can take care of all the newborns and infants and provide them with the utmost care which will decrease the statistics of infant mortality rate.

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Details Of Navjaat Suraksha Yojana

Name Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana
Launched by CM of Rajasthan state
Objective Providing health facilities
Beneficiaries Infants and newborns
Official website

Benefits Of Navjaat Suraksha Yojana

There are many benefits of the Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana and also the Kangaroo Mother Care initiative. The Kangaroo Mother Care is just like putting a child in warmer, which is a mechanical care, but it is a humanized care with better results. One of the main benefits which will be provided to the residents of Rajasthan state will be the availability of better health care condition through the private and hospitals of Rajasthan. By the training that will be provided in the kangaroo Mother Care initiative, many health officers will be able to provide nutrition and financial benefit to the infants and the mother of the newborn. The Government of Rajasthan will provide proper Healthcare facilities for infants who are born with physical, mental or any other type of diseases. The health department of the Rajasthan state aims to further bring down IMR by formulating Navjaat Suraksha Yojana, Nirogi Rajasthan, and Kangaroo Mother Care initiative.

Social Security Pension Scheme 

Training Facilities

There are 77 Masters Healthcare training places in the Rajasthan state. Also, the training centers will be developed in each district and block of the state so that every one of the employees of the government hospitals can take the training for the initiative of Mothercare. The training will be provided by the health care professionals of the Rajasthan state. Through the training, the health officer will be able to give personal advice to the mother and fathers of the newborn so that they can be saved from all of the diseases.

Eligibility Criteria

Although, the details have not yet launched by the concerned authorities of the Rajasthan government and the Ministry of Health and services. But the general eligibility criteria of the scheme is that the applicant must be a resident of Rajasthan state.

Application Procedure Of Navjaat Suraksha Yojana

As the schemes are newly launched schemes so much information about the schemes is not yet informed to the common public. As soon as the detailed notification of the scheme is out by the concerned authorities of the Rajasthan government, we will inform you of everything through this portal.

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