housingforall.com: Registration & Login, Book Home At Rs 25000 Only

As we all know that in India, many people are still living without houses and housing facility has to be provided to all of the residents of India. The central government has thus launched a portal known as the housing for all websites. Through it, you can register yourself and book home to get shelter. In this article, today we will share with everyone the process of registering yourself under the housingforall.com portal. Also, we will share with everyone the login process and the benefits which will be provided to all of the readers if they register themselves under the portal.

Housing For All Portal

The builder, brokers, and buyers can contact the housing for all portal and then register themselves in the portal to provide services to all of the residents who are unable to buy the house due to difficulties of finance or other personal reasons. The housing for all website has been launched to provide transparency in the process of providing houses to all of the people who are in need of it. Through the housing for all website, many benefits will be provided to the buyer, brokers and the builders such as the properties which are on sale will be listed on the website for the buyers.

Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana

Details Of The Scheme

Name Housing for all
Launched by Central Government
Beneficiaries Buyers, builders, and brokers
Objective To provide transparency in the process of buying and selling properties
Website Housingforall.com

Benefits Of The Scheme

The benefits of the housing for all scheme is the transparency that will be provided to all of the people who will apply for the scheme through the online portal. Also, the official website of the scheme will help all the customers who are willing to get a house to attain housing facilities without any hassle and disturbance. The most important aspect of the scheme is the contribution to the GDP of the country. All the buyers can book their houses at only the cost of rupees 25000. They can also then further buy their houses on their own terms and condition and contact the brokers or the builders as per their desire.

IAY List 2020 

Features Of The housing for all Scheme

There are many features that will be included in the official portal of housing for all which is announced by the central government to help all the buyers, brokers and builders across the country to increase the GDP of the country by buying and selling properties online. The main focus of the portal is that the buyers will be able to view the complete list information including floor plans, room dimensions, video tours of the units and outside views overlooking the windows/balconies through the portal. None of the beneficiaries will be forced to get out of their houses to see and check the flat or house that they want to buy.

Housing For All Portal Important Dates

The first 45-day sale period will start on 14th February 2020.

Implementation Of The Scheme

Through the portal, buyers will be able to directly book or reserve a housing unit with a refundable payment of only Rs. 25,000. Also, the buyer will be eligible for “Money Back Guarantee’. So, their initial buyer deposit made on the portal is totally ensured. Also, time to time updates will be given to all the buyers regarding the unit that they have secured by paying the deposits. The most important benefit of housing for all portal is the direct purchasing of flats for the customers.

Registration Process of housingforall.com

To register yourself for the housing for all portal, you need to follow the simple steps given below:-

  • When you land at the homepage, click on the “Sign Up As” tab
  • Then click at the “Buyer” option.
  • The Registration Form will appear on the screen.
  • Login using the credentials.
Housing For All Portal
  • You will be then redirected to the profile section, my favorites, and booked property.
  • You can then finally book houses according to your desire.

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