Odisha Madhu App: Download Madhu Mobile App From Google Play

We all aware of the importance of mobile phones that our generation is having. Through mobile phones, there are many and many benefits that are given to people. Moreover, in the era of digitalization, the importance of mobile phones is unlimited. Today in this article, we will discuss with you the Odisha Madhu App which has been developed by the concerned authorities of Odisha state so, that the children of the state can learn even with their mobile phones. We will discuss a list of benefits that will be provided through the Odisha Madhu app for the year 2019 and 2020.

Odisha Madhu Mobile Application for E-Learning

The Odisha Madhu app is an app which is developed by the concerned authorities of the Odisha state to encourage the students of their state to study even on mobile phones. Often mobile phones are seen as a reason for disinterest in the study but now it will be not so. The Odisha Government has launched the Madhu App so that more and more children can study and learn even on their Android mobile phones. The app was launched on Tuesday by the Chief Minister of the state.

Details About The Mobile App

Scheme Name Madhu App
Applicants Odisha residents
Launched by Odisha CM
Launched Date 3rd December
Objective To make students enjoy the concept of self-study

KALIA Yojana Final List

Benefits Of The Madhu App

Through the app, many benefits will be availed by the students of Odisha state. The first and foremost benefit is that of study. the app can encourage the students to study even when they are on their mobile phones or on any Android devices. Through the app, teaching and lessons will be provided to the students which will encourage them to self-study and to solve their own doubts. This app will also keep in check the tuition going students and the coaching classes business that has been increasing in our country day by day.

Features Of The App

The following features will be provided by the Madhu app as announced by the concerned authorities of Odisha state:-

  • Science and Math related lessons and videos are featured in the app until now.
  • As mentioned by the concerned authorities as soon as the science and maths lessons are concluded more other lessons will upload on the app to help the students.
  • The app is based on the five principles of education that are-
    • Energy
    • Explore
    • Explain
    • Elaborate
    • Evaluate
  • Interactive questions and answers sessions are also included in the Madhu app to help understand a better perspective of the chapters.
  • Practice tests for Class X students under DREAM (Drive for result enhancement in annual matriculation examination) have also been enclosed

Downloading The App

To download the Madhu App From the Play Store, you just have to go to the Play Store and type Madhu app and the app will be displayed on your screen but the direct link to download the app is also given below-

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