AP Cattle Health Card Scheme 2020: Application Form & Benefits

The Andhra Pradesh government has launched the AP Cattle Health Card Scheme to ensure proper treatment of cattle across the Andhra Pradesh state. In this article today, we will share important details about the Andhra Pradesh Cattle health card scheme for the year 2020. In this article, we will also share the important aspects of the scheme such as the benefits, features, objectives, eligibility criteria, application process to enrol yourself under the scheme.

AP Cattle Health Card Scheme

AP Cattle Health Card Scheme 2020

To implement the AP Cattle Health Card Scheme, a survey has already been conducted by the concerned authorities. Through the implementation of this scheme, certain benefits will be provided by the concerned authorities to safeguard the cattle which reside in the Andhra Pradesh state. Through the implementation of this scheme, many diseases will be covered so that the treatment of those diseases can be undertaken free of cost for all the families who have cattle.

YSR Pelli Kanuka Scheme

Details Of Cattle Health Card Scheme

Name AP Cattle Health Card Scheme
Launched by AP Chief Minister
Beneficiaries Cattle
Objective Providing incentives
Official Website

Benefits Of Cattle Health Card Scheme

There are many benefits of the Andhra Pradesh State cattle health card scheme. One of the main benefits that should be provided to all of the cattle will be the availability of incentives that will be given to carry on different activities regarding the health and benefit of the cattle. Compensation will also be provided on the death of the cattle families. A certain budget has been undertaken by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh state to implement this scheme so, that the benefits will be divided equally to all of the beneficiaries and all of the cattle can live a healthy and long life.

Livestock Loss Compensation Scheme

Another important scheme that will be launched by the Andhra Pradesh Government is the life stock loss compensation scheme. Also, the government of Andhra Pradesh will spend Rs. 50 crore every year to extend these services. Under the scheme, the following compensation will be provided:-

  • Rs. 30,000 for loss of country-bred (fine quality) bovine.
  • Rs. 15,000 for loss of country-bred (common variety) cattle.
  • Amount of Rs. 6,000 to be extended up to Rs. 1,20,000 for 20 animals of each owner for loss of sheep and goat.

Contents On The Card

The Andhra Pradesh cattle health card will be distributed among the beneficiaries of the scheme. As soon as the beneficiaries will get this card they will have to fill the following information in the card:-

  • Breed
  • If animals had any medical history or suffer from ailments
  • If female are artificially impregnated
  • If the owners wish to either buy new animals
  • If owners wish to either sell their own animals

Eligibility Criteria

  • The selected list of candidates was prepared through a survey that was conducted previously on the account of the implementation of the scheme.
  • There are almost 25 lakh such families that have been identified through the livestock census conducted in 2019.

Application Procedure Of AP Cattle Health Card Scheme

Although the selected list of the candidate has already been prepared by the livestock census which was conducted in the year 2019. If you want to apply for the scheme you can visit the Seva Kendra which has been set up in district by the Andhra Pradesh overnment.

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