Noida Authority Residential Plot Scheme 2021 e-Auction {Registration}

Getting a house or a plot in Noida is a very big deal. As we all know that the prices of all flats and houses in metropolitan cities are touching skies. So, to overcome this day by day increasing prices of flats plus houses the concerned authorities have come out with e-auction for the flats that are still available for buying in the Noida sector. Today under this article we will tell you all the details about the Noida Authority Residential Plot scheme for the year 2020. We will provide you with all the details which are available under the scheme and a detailed guide on how can you get a plot.

Noida Authority Residential Plot Scheme

Under Noida Authority Residential Plot scheme many flats and houses are been assigned to the people within the low budget range. The plots are assigned on the value of their cost that is if the cost is higher than the square metre area under the plot is high. If you invest high amount then you will get a better flat but the overall cost of flats is starting from Rupees 50000 and can go up to anywhere if you want a luxurious flat under the Noida city of India. Noida Authority of Residential schemes is providing flats with many reasonable prices.

Noida Authority Residential Plot Scheme

Launch Date Of Noida Authority Residential Plot Scheme

The Noida Authority Residential Plot scheme will launch two different schemes. Noida Authority will launch Two schemes. the Launch dates of both the schemes are as follows:-

  • First Scheme – 15th November 2019
  • Second Scheme – 22nd November 2019
  • Last Date To Apply For First Scheme – 12th December 2019

Number Of Flats In Noida Authority Residential Plot Scheme

There are many flats which will be allotted in both the scheme that will be launched by the Noida Authority residential flat schemes. The list of flats which will be allotted under both the schemes is given below:-

  • Under the first scheme, 257 plots will assign to the beneficiaries.
  • Under the second scheme, 198 plots will assign to the beneficiaries.

YEIDA Plot Scheme 2021

Location Of The Flats

The total flats that will assign to the beneficiary under the Noida Authority residential schemes will be allotted at different locations in the Noida city. Given below are the following sectors in which the flat should be allotted:-

  • 31
  • 39
  • 44
  • 47
  • 49
  • 51
  • 52
  • 99
  • 100
  • 122
  • 93B

Size And Price Of The Flats

The size of these flats that will be allotted by the Noida Authority Residential Schemes will vary. But the range of the size is between 100 square meters and 500 square meters. You can buy the flats ranging between the sizes as per your reference and as per your budget. The lowest rate of plots have resided in Sector 122 and the highest rate for a plot is expected to be in Sector 44. The price range of the flats will be between Rupees 50000 per square metre to Rupees 100000 per square metre.

How to Apply Online For Noida Authority Residential Plot Scheme

  • The Desired People of Noida who wish to Apply For a Scheme Firstly they have to visit the official website.
  • Now at the homepage of the official website, you will get the RESIDENTAL ONLINE SCHEME Option.
  • Under this Tab, you will Find Application Form Option. Click on the Option and Fill Application Form with all the desired information carefully.
  • Now after entering all the details click on the submit button.

Application Process For The Scheme

To apply for the Noida Authority Residential Scheme you need to buy the brochure of the scheme from your nearest State Bank office or you can visit at the official website. When you get the brochure, you can just go through the prices that have been allotted to different plots in Noida city. You can choose your desirable sector plus your desirable plot and then just participate in the E bidding process that will be taking place through the Noida Authority residential scheme official website given

Selection Process

After you have selected your desirable flat in your desired sector under the Noida city then the next step you have to undertake is to take part in the bidding process that will be taking place through the official website of Noida authority residential scheme. As announced by the concerned authority the person who bid the highest price for a specific flat will win the flat and thus, will be able to buy it.

Register Grievance

Register Grievance
  • Select the Department, Complaint type.
  • Now enter the Petitioner Details.
  • Click on the option “Submit your complaint to Noida Authority”.

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