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We all know that some of us really love our environment and have been doing our bit for the environment. So, today in this article we will tell you all about the National startup Award which will be implemented in the year 2020. In this article, we will share with you the application criteria and a step-by-step guide through which you can apply online and submit your name for the National Startup Awards 2020 as an ecosystem enabler or if you have done any other thing that will benefit the ecosystem.

Economic National Startups 2020

We all know that our ecosystem needs to be loved. Thus, the Central government has started the national startup awards for all the ecosystem enablers who have done something or the other to benefit our ecosystem and to be friendly with an ecosystem. Through the awards, many youngsters will get a chance to showcase their new and creative startups that will help save the planet and the earth. Through the awards, many of the youngsters will also get encouragement to make better decisions affecting our ecosystem in the future.

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojana

Categories Of National Startups Awards

The following categories are included in the national startup awards for the year 2019 and 2020:-

Sector Sub Sector
1. Agriculture 1. Productivity
2. Farmer Engagement and Education
3. Post Harvest
4. Allied Areas (Fisheries, Poultry, Animal Husbandry, etc.)
2. Education 5. Access to Institutional Education
6. Access to Open Education
7. Teacher Training
3. Enterprise Technology 8. Enterprise Solutions
4. Energy 9. Clean Energy
10. Energy Storage
11. Energy Efficiency
5. Finance 12. Payments Wallets – include P2P lending etc.
13. Financial Literacy Engagement
6. Food 14. Food Processing
15. Access to Food
7. Health 16.Access to healthcare
17. Diagnostics
18. Life Sciences
19. Medical Devices
8. Industry 4.0 20. Big Data
21. Internet of Things
22. 3D Printing
23. Augmented Reality Products /Wearables
24. Cloud computing
25. Robotics
26. Computer Vision
9. Space 27.Space Tech Solutions
10. Security 28. Cyber Security
29. Citizen Security Solutions
11. Tourism 30. Travel Planning & discovery
31. Hospitality
12. Urban Services 32. Construction/development monitoring solutions
33. Traffic Management
34. Water/water networks
35. Waste Management
13. Special Category: Women-Led Startups 36.Women-led startups across sectors
14. Special Category: Rural Development 37. Impact in Rural Areas
15. Special Category: Campus Startup 38.Startups coming out of educational institutes and led by students

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan 

Details of National Startups Awards

The following prizes will be awarded to Startups, Incubators, and Accelerators as finalized by the concerned authorities:-

For Startups-

  • A cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh shall be awarded to one winning Startup in each of the Subsectors.
  • The winner and four Runner ups shall be given opportunities to present their solutions to relevant public authorities and corporates for potential pilot projects and work orders.
  • The Winners and Runners up shall be given priority for participation in various National and International Startup events sponsored by DPIIT.

For Incubators-

  • A Cash Prize of Rs. 15 Lakh shall be awarded to one winning Incubator.

For Accelerators-

  • A Cash Prize of Rs. 15 lakh shall be awarded to one winning Accelerator.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the national startup award the applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria given differently for each category:-

For Startups-

  • The entity should be a DPIIT-recognized startup.
  • The entity must submit its certificate of incorporation or partnership deed.
  • The entity must have hardware or software product or a process solution that is present in the market.
  • The entity must have all applicable trade trade-specific registrations (example: CE, FSSAI, MSME, GST Registration, etc.)
  • There should not have been any default in the last three years (FY 2016- 17, 17-18, 18-19) by the entity or any of its promoters or any of their group entities.
  • The entity must submit Audited Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account) for the last three financial years (FY 2016-17, 17-18, 18-19)

For Incubators-

  • The Incubator should be structured as an independent entity-a Company, a Public trust or a Society.
  • The Incubator should be operational at least for two years as of 1st January 2020.
  • The Incubator must have successfully graduated a minimum of 15 Startups.

For Accelerators-

  • The Accelerator should be structured as an independent entity-a Company, a Public trust or a Society.
  • The Accelerator should be operational at least for two years as of 1st January 2020.
  • The Accelerator must have successfully graduated a minimum of 10 Startups

National Startups Awards Registration Process

To register yourself under the national startup Award, you have to follow the simple steps given below:-

  • First, the applicants will have to visit the official website given here When you land on the homepage, click on the “Apply Now” link present there.
  • Or you can directly click on the link given here
  • Finally, click on one of the following options-
    • First Apply as startup
    • Second Apply as an incubator
    • Third Apply as an accelerator
  • The registration form will appear on your screen.
  • Log in through your credentials.

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