{Track Lost Phone} ceir.gov.in Portal to Find Lost Mobile Phone

Track Lost Phone: Here is good news for the Mobile Users that the Central Government under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has launched the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) Service to Track Lost Phone. CEIR will also enable to Block IMEI Number of Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones.

Track Lost Phone

If you want to know the entire process of tracking Lost Mobile Phone then stay with us till the end of this article.

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Track Lost Phone

In today’s world, the mobile phone is the most important thing which humans are carrying all around the world. The mobile phones help us to connect with people and to make certain day to day problems and necessity available to us in little or no time. The mobile phone can turn into a lifesaver when it is used correctly. But if we lose it then we are at risk of losing all our information to someone strange whom we don’t even know, so to recover your lost phone or your stolen phone, the Maharashtra Government has opened a web portal that will help you locate it in no time.

Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)

The Central Equipment Identity Register CEIR is a database consisting of all the IMEI number. The IMEI number on the list will only be of those numbers who are blacklisted and thus no service will be provided to them by the service providers. The IMEI number of the mobile phone is a 15 digit unique number which cannot be changed by normal person and can only be changed by the especially technical person. Thus, the IMEI number will always remain the same on the mobile phone even if you change your sim. That’s why the IMEI number can be tracked by the CEO at any point in time.

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How CEIR Will Work?

When you have lost your phone and do not know what to do next, then you can just register your IMEI number under the Central Equipment Identity Register CEIR. If you register your IMEI number under the Central Equipment Identity Register then, your mobile phone will not be usable in a network of the country. Any number register under the Central Equipment Identity Register is denied service and is not usable in any part of the country.

Aim Behind CEIR Mobile Tracking Scheme

The basic and the most important aim of the CEIR Mobile Tracking scheme is to provide access to mobile phones. The Maharashtra Government scheme offered many commitments to the residents of the states and helped them to track the mobile phone or just simply deny the service of mobile phones which are stolen or lost. This Project will surely decrease the Stealing of Mobile Phones and Secure the usage of Mobile in the Country.

Brief Description of the CEIR Portal

Article CategoryTrack Lost Phone
Name of the PortalCEIR, Central Equipment Identity Register
Higher AuthorityMinistry of Communications, GoI
DepartmentDepartment of Telecommunications
Launched byRavi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Law and Justice of India
ObjectiveTo track the lost/ stolen mobile devices
BenefitsReduction in the misuse of the mobile phones
Portal StatusActive
Official Websitewww.ceir.gov.in

Benefits of Central Equipment Identity Register (Track Lost Phone)

Certain benefits are provided through the Track Lost Phone scheme initiated by the Maharashtra Government:-

  • This scheme of Maharashtra Government will provide exposure to the people who resell lost or stolen mobile phones
  • Also it will reduce the sale of lost or stolen mobile phones.
  • This initiative will also prevent the duplication of IMEI numbers.

How to Track Lost Phone By CEIR Portal

So, if you have lost or your phone is stolen then to Track Lost Phone, through the Central Equipment Identity Register then you just have to follow these simple steps:-

  • First, you just have to file a complaint or FIR in your nearest police station, so that you have a proof that your mobile phone has been stolen or is lost and you can present the proof and any point of time.
  • Then, you must inform CEIR via a helpline number 14422
  • Thus, DoT will blacklist the IMEI number.
  • After DoT will blacklist the IMEI number, then it will not be able to operate in any network of India. Thus, resulting in a basic blocking of the mobile phone.

Note:- Presently this services is launched under a state of Maharashtra as a Pilot Basis. After getting the positive result from the Maharashtra State Central Government will launch it in the whole of the country.

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