{Launched} DHRUV Scheme 2019 for Students – Complete Details

As technology is increasing day by day our government is also taking steps to provide adequate technological information to the young youth of the country. So under this article today we will discuss with you the launch of the DHRUV Scheme for the year 2019 and 2020. The DHRUV scheme has been launched by the ISRO authorities in India. We will share with you all the details about the DHRUV scheme by ISRO in the year 2019 and 2020. Also we will share the eligibility criteria and different benefits under the scheme.

DHRUV Scheme 2019

After the mission of Chandrayaan 2 was successful Launched by the authorities of our country. Now the keen interest in technologies and space has been increasing since then. Many students belonging to different schools and also different subjects are very keen to learn about space and technologies by the ISRO itself. So the space authorities of our country have developed a scheme called DHRUV. Under the DHRUV Scheme, many benefits will be availed by the beneficiaries that are selected by the concerned authorities to take part in the scheme.

DHRUV scheme

In Words of ISRO Chairman

K Sivan had told TOI, “These centres will promote start-ups and give thrust to innovations and research in space technologies. The centres will help start-ups develop prototypes of components in space systems in partnership with the industry. Isro will evaluate these prototypes and buy them depending upon their worthiness.”

Central Government Scheme

Highlights of DHRUV Scheme 2019

Scheme name DHRUV Scheme 2019
Launched by Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ (Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister)
Beneficiaries Students of Science and Performing Arts discipline
Selection for scheme National Talent Search Examinations, competitions etc.
Official website mhrd.gov.in

Benefits Of The Scheme

There are many benefits of the DHRUV scheme launched by the ISRO authorities of India. As the DHRUV Program will keep up the interest of youth in space and technology. It will also make sure that the youth of India are not left behind in terms of education regarding space and technologies. As we all know that in the coming years technologies are meant to be increasing. Thus, to keep up with the phase this scheme have been developed for the young children of a country. It is also meant to develop their interest plus to make their career in the field of technology so that they can do something for their country in the near future.

Features of DHRUV Program

The DHRUV scheme is implemented for the students who are excellent in subjects like Science, Maths or even arts. This scheme is just for the students to know their worth and if they are interested in space and technologies they should not surpass their talent. They should try to learn about the schemes for technology. Under the DHRUV scheme many students will be able to identify their talent. Students therefore will be able to do something for the country in the future.

Implementation Of The Scheme

Under the DHRUV Scheme 60 students have been selected for the first batch. Among those 60 students, 30 each from Science and Performing Arts discipline has been selected. The program begins with a tour at ISRO. In Delhi the selected students will be mentored by renowned experts. After the tour will be successful the program will be concluded on 23rd October 2019.

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